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Back Forty Honey Lemonade

Why use sugar when you could use delicious local honey?

Source: Recipe by Back Forty Honey (Entered by Harriett Dickey-Chasins)
Servings: Makes 5 gallons
Ingredient keywords: honey
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Chorizo and Eggs

A deliciously simple spicy twist on scrambled eggs. Enjoy on a tortilla or a toasted slice of your favorite bread (I highly recommend the Dakota Bread)!

Source: Recipe Adapted from Isabel Eats (Entered by Harriett Dickey-Chasins)
Servings: Serves 4
Ingredient keywords: chorizo, eggs
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Healthy Honey Oatmeal Cookies

Try this yummy alternative to your average chocolate chip cookie! Add-ins are encouraged!

Source: Genius Kitchen, Recipe by Secret Teenage Chef (Entered by Harriett Dickey-Chasins)
Servings: Makes 30 cookies, serving size is up to you!
Ingredient keywords: honey, egg, whole, oatmeal
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Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Bacon

A decadent side dish for the holiday season- or whenever you crave it!

Source: Recipe Adapted from Natasha's Kitchen (Entered by Harriett Dickey-Chasins)
Servings: Serves 6 as a side
Ingredient keywords: garlic, honey, bacon
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River City Red Chili

This is a twist on my mother’s chili recipe. Where hers uses ground beef, I use tofu, instead. The recipe is vegan, and while it’s good with shredded cheddar cheese as a garnish, there’s certainly no need to include cheese.

You’ll notice that pasta is also an optional ingredient. When my siblings and I were little, the pasta was a meal-extender, to make the chili – and grocery dollars – go as far as possible. Whether or not you’re trying to stretch your budget, try this chili with pasta, sometime, because it’s delicious!

Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: Harriett Dickey-Chasins (Entered by Closed Account)
Servings: 4-6, depending on how hungry folks are!
Ingredient keywords: Olive, Garlic, Onion, Cumin, Tomatoes, Chile, Tofu, Chili, Tabasco, Kidney, Cheddar
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