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Here are some frequently asked questions:

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How do I become a customer?

You sign up to become a member of Grinnell Farm To Table! That just means entering your name and contact information and creating a user name and password. That’s it! There’s no fee to join and no requirement to buy. We encourage you to join just so you can keep an eye on what’s available!

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Are there membership fees?

There is no fee to become a member of Grinnell Farm To Table!

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Will I have to buy vegetables I don't want?

Nope! Grinnell Farm To Table allows you to purchase exactly what you want, when you want. You don’t have to order every month – just when you wish. And you don’t have to buy in bulk – one of the beauties of Grinnell Farm To Table is that you can buy one, a few, or lots!

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How do I order?

Grinnell Farm To Table has a monthly order cycle. Our virtual market is open for orders between the second Monday and the following Saturday of each month. (For example, Monday, January 14 through Saturday, January 19, 2019.) We hold a “distribution” on the third Monday of each month – this is when you pick up and pay for your items!

Orders can be placed here on our website.

Distributions take place between 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church in Grinnell. From the parking lot, use the door at the right-hand end of the building.

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When do I pay?

You pay at distribution, when you pick up your order. Payment needs to be in cash or by check. Because we may have to adjust your total at distribution (in case of last-minute changes in item availability or weight), we do not accept advance payment on the website.

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When and where do I pick up my order?

You can pick up your order at our monthly distribution. Distribution is held on the 3rd Monday of each month, at the First Presbyterian Church (Grinnell), between 4:30-6:00 p.m.

The First Presbyterian Church is located at 1025 5th Avenue. From the parking lot, as you face the building, use the door at the right-hand end of the building.

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Why support Grinnell Farm To Table?

Enhance your local economy: By purchasing produce and other items from local growers, you are providing stability to our local economy through the support of local businesses.

Save natural resources: Buying locally makes you an invaluable link in the process of saving resources such as fossil fuels and packaging materials.

Provide learning opportunities and expand the circle: Your support provides our farmers and producers the means to help educate our community about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Supporting rural communities and a way of life: The number of small farms in Iowa has been decreasing for decades. Please help us preserve our rural towns and an honest and worthy means of making a living!

We believe that small, diverse, family-owned farms contribute to society’s overall health and well-being.

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How can I become a vendor through Grinnell Farm To Table?

First, create a customer account for yourself (you do not have to purchase anything, however – although you may want to!).

Once you’ve created a customer account here, simply go to Our Growers and click on ‘If you would like to sell through this market, please tell us about yourself and a market manager will contact you.’ This will add you to our system and our market managers will contact you with the next step. As at a traditional farmers’ market, you set your own prices and list your items as you wish. Contact us at if you have questions!

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