Paul's Grains


Pioneers in Organic Farming
The early 1960s found Wayne and Betty Paul working hard to make a living from their central Iowa farm. Wayne had graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agriculture and was now eagerly implementing chemical farming methods on the 160 acres south of Laurel, IA, which he had purchased in 1959.

Then everything changed. A friend introduced Wayne to the concept of chemical-free farming, using healthy fertilizers and natural techniques for weed and insect control. Deciding to give it a try, he became one of the brave pioneers in what was to be known as the organic farming movement. Wayne began to look into grinding some of the grains into flour and cereal, starting out with basic cornmeal, oatmeal, and whole wheat flour. As people found out about these items, the family started raising a larger variety of grains and offering more products. Soon the unique 7-Grain Cereal, 7-Grain Flour, and 7-Grain Pancake Mix recipes were developed — three items that continue to remain best-sellers.

Maintaining the Legacy
Wayne and Betty continued to play an active role in the farming and business until 2006. Now, their second son, Steve, along with his wife, live on the farm and continue to mill the grains that their son Daniel and his wife Amy raise on the farm. Paul’s Grains is definitely an old-fashioned, family-operated business…big enough to have what you’re looking for, but not too big to lose that personal touch. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.

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