Microgreens and Things

My name is Abby, I have 2 kids and we are starting a business selling microgreens. Some of you may be asking, “What is a microgreen?” Microgreens are a superfood! It’s a shoot of a vegetable plant and it is 40x more nutrient dense then its parent plant. You can use them instead of salad or with a salad, in soups, as a snack, on tacos, sandwiches they can go on pretty much anything! I grow peas, sunflower, radish and broccoli. Periodically I may switch things up and have different things as well. I grow inside my home in a room designated to my business and growing plants! I am very passionate about this and would love to give you some extra vitamins and minerals our bodies are so desperately needing and wanting in a way that is tasty, convenient and compact!

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