Pleasant Grove Homestead


Owned by Ashley & Zachary Wenke, Pleasant Grove Homestead provides quality meat, produce, honey and eggs from a 6.5 acre plot (& a rented pasture). PGH is a family ran operation that seeks to inspire you to eat seasonally & locally!
Pastured Poultry: Our egg layers and meat birds are both raised on pasture and fed an organic and non-GMO grain ration as well as being supplemented with a surplus of milk from our family milk cow. Currently, our poultry is processed at Brummel’s Poultry Processing and is USDA inspected for re-sale.
Outdoor raised pork: Our hogs are born and raised on our farm. We own 3 sows and the male, all kept outdoors with surplus garden scraps and milk from our family milk cow. Our pork sold by the piece is processed at Milo Locker and USDA inspected. We also sell whole and half hogs processed at Wanders Farms Locker in Otley, Iowa.
Seasonal Produce: Our seasonal produce is always picked fresh to be delivered to you! All of our produce is homegrown, and we use our own compost mix from our animals/produce scraps, and rotate crops with over crops to provide nutrients to our soil.
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