Relish Retail


Relish: Local Foods, Global Flavors has been serving delicious, locally-raised meats and vegetables in our restaurant since 2012. Chef Kamal has made a point of seeking out and building relationships with local farmers since he started The Last Egyptian in 1992, and continued to do so from the corner of 4th and Park through Café Phoenix and now Relish. Laura has been making desserts since she was a kid, and has been baking professionally since sometime during the Café Phoenix era. Since the pandemic has changed the face of the hospitality industry, and since both Kamal and Laura want to free up some time to do other things, the restaurant is open for take-out only, Wednesday-Friday. They’ve always done some retail through the restaurant, but Farm To Table offers a wider base, as well as the opportunity to remind potential customers that Relish sells some of your favorite menu items frozen or ready to serve and in bulk.

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