C8cb26b6-225b-46d9-b4d4-84351fd6b182 Guinea eggs
Grower: Abundant Provisions Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 1/2 dozen)
%> Available (Exact): 1

We have a 1 year old female guinea (forget me not) who has started laying eggs. This is a new product for us to offer but what we have learned is that guinea hens have a short season for laying eggs. They average about 100 eggs a year, mostly during spring and summer months. The eggs are similar to chicken eggs, yet smaller in size. The shape of her eggs are interesting, more like a teardrop shape. The shells are very strong (which you’ll notice when cracking it open). The inside of the eggs are creamier than chIcken eggs due to a higher ratio of yolk to white in the guinea. She free ranges all over our 10 acres and has access to our non gmo feed. We’re fortunate to get these eggs as guinea fowl like to lay eggs outdoors and hidden. She is laying in the coop with our chickens, so far.